The Pros Of Homeschooling

As with everything we do in life, whether it be work or school, we all have pros and cons that make tasks easy or can make us stressed trying to deal with the situation.

With the public schools being closed and parents teaching their child at home due to the COV-19, I’m sure there will be a lot of parents looking into homeschooling instead of sending them back to public school.                                                                                  The Pros Of Homeschooling

When I thought about homeschooling my daughter, one of my questions was about the pros and cons that I would be dealing with while educating my child. I’m going to cover some pros of teaching your child at home that are from my own experiences and from what other parents have mentioned in conversations we have had.

Keeping My Child Safe

Our #1 concern as parent’s should be protecting and keeping our child in a safe environment. Part of teaching our children to feel secure and safe are part of life lessons. Being homeschooled is the most positive way your child can feel safe. They feel safe being at home in their comfortable environment and being around you. It helps them to focus on their lessons with their mind knowing they are safe.

In this day and time, so many things can happen beyond our control, and we worry about our children and what can happen when they are away from us. With homeschooling, that is one less thing on my list to worry about because I know my daughter is with me.

Educational Freedom

You have a wide variety of resources to choose from when looking for textbooks, workbooks, quizzes and tests for your home school. Most umbrella schools will let you have the freedom to use whatever works for you and your child during K- 8th grade. When your child starts high school, what you use has to be o.k.’d by the school because it counts as credits toward graduation. Be sure to discuss this with the school you register under to see what is required.

The Pros Of Homeschooling

The option of online schooling is also available if you want to go that route with your child. Most online classes have a certified teacher that is available if needed. Everything is planned out and ready to go. Research the online schooling to see if that would be a good fit for you and your family. It can be costly, but it can take the stress away from having to plan everything out.

Moving Along In Appropriate Grade

A lot of times, as parents of school aged children, we tend to see our child get board during our homeschooling routine. My daughter will tell me she already knows what I’m trying to cover with her in the lessons. When that happens, I will go ahead and give her the test instead of boring her even more with the lesson. If she passes the test, we move on to the next assignment. With teaching her at home, I can do whatever is needed to help her enjoy the learning process.

Sometimes you will need to spend extra time on certain lessons to help your child to learn what is put before them that day. Most states require 4 hrs of homeschooling a day but if you need extra time, don’t stress about it. Be patient and let it work itself out. Before you know it, you’ll be moving on to the next grade!

High School Diploma and College

The Pros Of Homeschooling

If your child doesn’t attend public schools, they can still receive their diploma through home school. The umbrella school that you are registered through will have all the information on the credits your child needs to graduate for which state you live in. They will also have the information about the testing that is needed for the college path.

If you belong to a support group, they usually receive information and pass it along to parents when certain test will be given pertaining to requirements for college. You will need to research the colleges that accept home school graduates if your child plans on pursuing their education further.


There are more pros in homeschooling than what I listed above. That’s why, when you are trying to decide if teaching your child at home will work for your family, you have to think of every aspect. The pros may be different for you and your family.

Safety is always a concern when sending your child to a public place. Having control of what your child is being taught takes the stress from you not know if the information is goes along with your values you want your child to learn. It has always been a big accomplishment for a child to finish school and receive their diploma and attend a college of their choice. This all can most certainly happen even if your child has been homeschooled. Nothing can stand in their way of completing their life goals!

Thank you for coming by and reading my page. I welcome comments below pertaining to this topic. In my next post, I will be covering the cons of homeschooling. Be sure to drop by again! Till next time!




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