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The Preschool Box teaches your preschooler reading and math to help them get ready for Kindergarten. Geared toward  3-6 yrs old, The Preschool Box is designed for parents to be involved as much or as little as necessary according to the child’s age and maturity. The concepts and skills are taught in kindergarten but are adapted to be used with preschool kids, too. Ideal to use in your home school. let’s find out why!

Who Designed The Preschool Box ?

Tina Schnell is the mastermind who designed The Preschool Box by using concepts and skills taught in early grade  learning. Tina is the mother of 3, who now is homeschooling, a former kindergarten teacher and has a BS in Early Childhood  Development. She has the passion to teach children how to read and learn math before their elementary years and after they have started Kindergarten. The Preschool Box keeps the child wanting to learn more and more!

How Do I Get Started?

The first thing you have to do to get started with The Preschool Box is to join the 12 month program subscription. The program is based on a monthly basis. You can subscribe monthly, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. If you pay monthly, it will cost $32.95. Paying yearly is cheaper at $27.50. They also have payment broken down quarterly and half year plans. The more months you can pay the cheaper it will               

What Is Included With My Membership?

After becoming a member of The Preschool Box, you will receive a box monthly for 12 months. The curriculum is created by The Preschool Box team which comes with a weekly schedule, so it’s already planned out for you and materials for four weeks.The curriculum is focused on selected learning objectives with an eye on phonics, reading skills and basic math. The team has organized and explained all the instructions to the activities and crafts inside the box so your child can have fun learning each week of the month. On the 12 month your child receives a Fun Graduation Box. This box includes a graduation cap and certificate for the completion of the materials that they have received each month.

What comes in the Box ?

Each Preschool Box comes with a book and fun book stickers along with the learning material. You will need to have basic supplies that are not included in the box. Supplies that you will need consist of glue, scissors, tape, crayons, pencils and coloring markers. Each months picks up where the last month stops. Your child will want to learn more and look for the box every month to come to see what fun things are planned next.

Why Use The PreSchool Box?    

The Preschool Box is a great resource  to use with you preschooler when they are learning the basics of kindergarten. It can be used with your home school or regular school. It has the concepts and skills that will work for both. Everything is organized and and the instructions are thoroughly explained to make it easy to understand. The PreSchool Box will keep your child coming back to you wanting to learn more!

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