The decision to whether or not to homeschool can be very stressful. There is a lot of aspects to be put into consideration. Of course, everything won’t be thought of right off the bat, but you do your best to cover every inch of the situation.

In my last post, I touched on some pros of homeschooling from personal experiences and experiences from other homeschool parents that I know. Now I’m going to talk about the cons of teaching your child at home from the same aspects.


A lot of time is required in order to teach your child what they need to be successful in life. Parents have to set aside the amount of time every day to accomplish that day’s goal. Sometimes that can be very stressful, especially if you’re used to a busy aj ash 01

You need to start on your curriculum choice almost as soon as you have finish the last years work. By this time, you have evaluated your child to see what you need for the next year. Keeping mind if you need to add something they struggled with the year before. You have to adapt to being an effective teacher in order to get everything done for that year.

When you’re not used to being around your children all day, that can be a big adjustment for them and you. When you homeschool, it’s the complete opposite. You’re together all day, which can complicate your day when they become restless or misbehave.


Money to homeschool your child can be an issue if money is tight in the household. Most parents have two incomes coming in to accommodate their lifestyle. That will change when your homeschooling at home. One parent will have to stay home to teach the child, usually until their high school years. More than likely, there will have to be changes made in household to adjust to the situation.

Buying curriculum can be costly depending on what you choose to with your child. My first year I spent $350.00 tostack of books 01 clip art

$400.00 to purchase books, workbooks, quizzes, tests and answers. I have seen whole sets of curriculum from different publishers cost over $1,000.00. They include everything including activities, science experiments, etc. Online schools can run into a lot of money, too. Again, research everything to find what is in your price range and suitable for teaching your child effectively.


Homeschool is not a welcome task for a lot of people. I guess that’s what I would call “Old School”. The funny thing about it is, I had the same attitude when I would hear someone say they were homeschooling their child but I was open to the idea.

Most times people think parents will teach their child at home if there is a medical issue. But that may not always be the cause. If parents don’t agree with what or how their child is being taught in public school, they will take them out of school and teach them at home. That was may cause of deciding to do school at home.

The first thing I encountered from everyone was about socialization. No socialization will damage my child for life is all I heard. It doesn’t help when you do’t have support of family or friends. It was’not about her education or welfare or state of mind. That’s why you have to decide for your self what is best for your child and stick with it. Even if it doesn’t work out still stay strong and stand behind your decision.


When you don’t have a lot of patience, homeschool can be extremely nerve wrecking. You have to restrain yourself from getting frustrated if your child just don’t seem to be in the right mindset for school. That can happen a lot during the year. You will have to find patience you never knew you had in order to get thru the situation. We all deal with those days’s of not wanting to do school. Honestly, some days its’s not my daughter that doesn’t want to do school, it’s me. Lol

Motivation is a big factor in homeschooling your child. It can be very emotional draining to have to keep motivating your child when they don’t want to do something. Explaining to them how the benefits of an education and learning will be essential for them when they get older, doesn’t make sense to them right now.paintbrush scissors and glue

That’s where we, as parents, can add little things to make learning fun at home.


There are a lot of sacrificing that parents have to do when homeschooling at home. Most find the sacrifice is well worth having to go thru to teach their child what is needed at home. It can be stressful but rewarding to both you and your child.

Homeschool is’t for everyone. You have to be committed to getting the job done. If you’re willing to commit, then I wouldn’t recommend homeschooling for you.

Learning about the pros and cons of homeschool can be very essential to having a successful year. I recommend to research and talk to other parents about the obstacles that can come along with homeschool and how they dealt with them.

Hope you enjoyed reading my page. I welcome your comments at the bottom of this page on the topic above.



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