Planning Day For Homeschooling

Now that you have your curriculum, you can work on you homeschooling planner. How many hours do I homeschool? What if I can’t get my child to do had many hours a day? How will I find enough interesting things to keep my child wanting to do homeschool? Have I included everything in my planning that I need? How many days a week will I homeschool?

Does this sound familiar? These questions among a few more is normal for any parent that is homeschooling their child. Good news! I’m going to share  with you how I kept my daughter wondering “What she would do today in class?” Would we be doing science experiments, taking a nature walk or learning life skills?

Planning For Homeschooling                                                                                                               

Most parent have their homeschool planned out for everyday. They do this so nothing won’t get left out during the year. It is best if you do plan out everything if you can. That way, you know what you are doing for that week and be prepared to teach your child.                  Planning Day For Homeschooling

You can plan everything yourself or get the curriculum already planned out day by day. There are resources online that offer pre-planned lessons. All the work is done for you if you don’t want to plan it yourself.

How many days and how many hours you have during homeschool, is totally up to you. What best fits your child’s needs is what I go on. Some parents homeschool year around. My opinion is kids need a break from the learning, to process it. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you get it done according to your states required laws.

Days Spent Homeschooling My Child

The amount of days you choose on teaching your child is again, up to you. It doesn’t matter how you get the work done as long as it gets done in the amount of days according to your state’s required laws. When you purchase your curriculum, it is designed for 36 weeks and 180 days. That is what most states require for attendance  when you homeschool. There is curriculum that is set up for a 4-day week you can be used if you are planning to attend a Co-op or used the last day of week as catch up day.        Planning Day For Homeschooling

There will be days when your child doesn’t want to do school and nothing will change his mind. This is one of the cons of homeschooling. That day you don’t have school using the curriculum, but you could do something they like to do and still get your day in with hands on learning. Hands on Learning worked excellent with my daughter when she had those days.

We all have encountered having doctor appointments, emergencies, days we don’t feel good or anything else that might pop up unexpectedly. When you homeschool, you don’t have to stress about making arrangements to have your child picked up at school or someone to get them off the bus. You have the freedom to do what you need to take care of things that might happen to quickly come up.

Hours Spent Teaching A Day

Even if you have everything planned out when something happens to throw you off track, it’s o.k. It happens to all of us. Continue the next day when you stopped the day before. You can even finish the day when you get back home after you get things taken care of.

Most of the time little ones from Pre- School to 1st or 2nd grade, do good to focus for maybe an hour or two. If this occurs, take a break and let their brains take in what they have learned. Then try again later to finish up for that day.

The older your child is, they will be able to accomplish 3 to 4 hours which is required by most states. I have met parents that have stated, they start at 9:00 am and end at 3:30.  Most lessons take 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Some days may be longer but if we get done, I give free time to my daughter as her reward for getting her schooling done.

Time To Start Lessons Planning Day For Homeschooling

Some parents like to get up early and get started on homeschooling with their kids. It actually is better to do school early, then you have the rest of the day to do what ever you want or need to do.

It doesn’t always work that way. Things can happen and send your anxiety through the roof! When this happens, stay calm and work your way through it. We all experience the feeling of everything is falling apart after thinking we had it all planned out. In reality, things come about beyond our control.

I know of parents that have school all times of the day. You decide what is best for your child. We know every child is different in their own precious way. There is no set time when you have to start or stop teaching your child as long as it gets done.

It is always a better school day when a child gets plenty of rest and has had something to eat before doing school. It helps them to focus better and their mind span is not as short.
Whether they like to get up early or sleep in, there is always a solution to benefit your child’s learning ability.


When you start planning your homeschool, there are a few things to keep in mind as I stated above. Adding little things to keep your child wanting to learn more and more is your goal. Sometimes it can be a struggle to accomplish this but be open-minded when you are doing your planning for the year.

Children love to use their hands! By adding extra things like science projects, making their own slime, building with blocks, taking nature walks, Field Trip, or just helping out around the house can help to make homeschooling exciting and fun while learning at the same time.

Comments are welcome below pertaining to this topic. Please share any experience that might be beneficial to someone that may be having the same problem as you did.

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