Homeschooling: What Comes Next

What Do I Do Now?                                                                                                                                     Homeschooling: What Comes Next

My next question after getting everything I needed to have in order to be homeschooling my daughter at home. After I got the registration done, I asked the umbrella school (that’s the school you are registered through for the state), what subjects that my daughter need to have covered during that school year. Be sure you find out exactly what is required from your school. Don’t be afraid to ask questions so you understand everything you need to teach your child correctly. If the school can’t give you an answer, they may not be who you need to be involved with on this journey.

I will say it was a bit much to get organized and have everything in place that I needed. Very overwhelming at times, hoping that I hadn’t left anything out or had forgotten to address any legal issues. I could not have done any of this without God helping me, by putting me in contact with other homeschooling families that had already been thru what I was just starting out. The advice and the support from them was and still is priceless to me.

The ideas that you have running thru your mind when “First Day of Homeschooling” is getting closer to the start date, is quickly becoming reality. Everything you have accomplished to get ready for homeschooling, is here to be put into action.

After I have everything ready, I like to kinda take a little breather and chill. After all, you need a little break after all you’ve done up to this point.

Planning Your Homeschool

Choosing what curriculum (teaching material) is very crucial to your child’s learning. I chose the Christian based curriculum that is available. The studies are based on God and His Word. There is other different based curriculum’s available to use beside the Christian based. Please research them to find what works best for you.Homeschooling: What Comes Next

The first year of homeschooling I found myself researching different ways to do homeschool. Would using text books be the best way for my daughter to learn, since she had attended public school thru 3rd grade and was used to the text books? Would online schooling be more for keeping her wanting to do homeschool since it was on a computer?

I found countless resources to help with my decision. So my choices were from text books, online academy’s, free homeschool curriculum and free printables was going to take some time to go thru. I want to briefly explain to you what these are as so you can see what some choices are:

  • Text books: This is regular text books. The publishers have different products that can also be purchased to help with learning. As you begin researching text books, you will find different publishers that offer curriculum through text books and everything you need to teach your child. There will be the Student Book, the Teacher Book, the Work Books, Quizzes with Answers and Test with Answers available thru them. You do have to purchase them.
  • Online Academy: These are accredited schools available online for you to enroll your child in for a school year that include what is needed for the year that you need. There is a charge for these as well.
  • Free Homeschooling Curriculum: Online Curriculum that has already planned out for the whole year from A to Z for free.
  • Free Printable’s: These can be used for everything. When looking for these online, search free printable’s. You will have endless access to any and everything you need, no matter what grade you are homeschooling your child in.

Deschooling Your Child                                                         

When your child has been in public school, you will more than likely have to go through a stage where you have to deschool them at the beginning of the school year. They have to adjust to homeschool and forget how things were done in public school. Sometimes it’s a big adjustment to make this transition from school to homeschooling at home.

One of the joys of homeschool is not having to hurry through the lessons. You can stay on it as long as it takes for your child to understand it. You are one on one with your child and you can watch them grow right before your eyes. This is something that may take some time to go through, so be patient, and it will happen in time.

Yes, there is similarities to regular school, but the differences is what gives you the satisfaction of knowing you are doing the absolute best for your child.

There’s nothing like seeing the look on your child or children’s face when something clicks and they get what you are teaching them.

Learning Independently

I have learned from research that they recommend you to work with your child to get them to learn to work independently as soon as they can.

Of course, that would be harder for the younger grades, but definitely encourage them to do what they can when they can. You will always be there to help if they need you. As the older ones progress they can learn to do more and more on their own. Of course, you are there if they need you and to check their work so it is done correctly.

Some never do accomplish working independently and some will accomplish it very fast. It is o.k. if they don’t learn to work independently. Just don’t give up! I have found that with everything I do in my homeschool at home, is to be persistent. Remind them that there are some things they can do on their own. This is training that your child will benefit from as they grow and learn to accomplish things on their own.

In Full Swing

By this point, your homeschooling at home should be up and running. The school that I am registered through requires 36 weeks, 5 days a week, 4 hours a day and 180 days on attendance for homeschool. Most umbrella schools have a deadline for you to turn in fall and spring grades, in which usually they ask for them in January and June. Again, check with the school you register through to make sure you meet their requirements.

After you have planned your curriculum for your homeschool year and you have it ready to start, depending on what you have chosen for your teaching material, you will start on Day 1. When using text books, it will start in chapters that will cover material for 36 weeks. When researching for curriculum, I noticed that there was some that offered 4 days instead of 5 days a week for class. When you join a support group and sign up for their co-op, if they offer one, the day you attend co-op can be counted as a school day because they actually have class and are learning. Some parents will count it and some parents won’t. It is totally your choice whether you want to count it as a day of class.

I recommend co-op if your support group has one available. The benefits are awesome! You meet other parents who are homeschooling that can offer great advice on issues you may be having while your homeschooling your child. Also, you can give advice and swap ideas that you have with them. At my co-op, we are a big family. We are there for each other if we ever need to be. Your child will make friends and learn at the same time. There is always fun activities for the kids to get involved with at co-op.

Be Patient And Have Fun Homeschooling

Now that you have everything in place, you are ready to start homeschooling your child. The first day is always overwhelming and you are glad you made it through the First Day. Tomorrow will be better because every day seems to fall in place little by little.Homeschooling: What Comes Next

This is a big transition for you and your child, so be patient, relax and don’t forget to breathe. Every day becomes a little easier as you progress along in your homeschool. Have fun and enjoy the precious time that you will have with your child while on this Learning Adventure!

I welcome comments below pertaining to this topic. You might have something to share about your experiences in homeschooling. I would love to hear them!

Thank you for coming by and I hope you enjoyed reading my page!

Hope you have a Blessed Day!

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