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Hello everyone, my name is Lucy and welcome to My Homeschooling Momma website. Where you will find a friendly atmosphere and a lot of information on home school ideas and tips.


When I started homeschooling my 14 yr old daughter 5 yrs ago, I didn’t have a clue to where to even start to Home school. My daughter came along later in my life when I was 38 yrs old, God Blessed me to have a little girl. I thank Him every day for the time that he has allowed me to experience life and learning with her.

I was born and raised on farm in Tennessee by Christian parents that taught me about God and how we needed Him to lead and guide us and to help make the right decisions. Before that I could even think about homeschooling, I needed to know from God that everything would be o.k. and I could do this for my daughter and myself to have peace about it. After all, I was a graduate of 1986. I was frantic!


Thru my journey, with help from other homeschooling parents, I have overcome the struggle of trying to Home school. I want to help other parents who are struggling as I did for the first 2 yrs my own homeschooling.

I have heard from some sources about taking your child out of public school is the worst thing you could do because of socialization.Often this stayed on my mind because my daughter was very shy. By talking with other parents, I learned about support groups that offered what is called “co-op”. They have classes that the children can go and socialize. They have sports that the kids can participate in, etc.


At  My Homeschooling Momma, you will find ideas and tips on how to help find solutions to struggling with home school.

My goal is to help you think outside the box for changes that need to take place to solve the problem and make homeschooling enjoyable.

So, feel free to drop me a comment pertaining to homeschooling experiences, solutions, what works for you, etc.

Thanks for stopping by!! Looking forward to seeing you soon!!























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